Toffee Land | About us
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About Toffeeland

We are Australia’s largest and longest established wholesale manufacture of toffee apples. Established in 1972, on our family’s very own apple and stone fruit orchard, located in Stanthorpe, Queensland. With the very best Australian apples, sugar and glucose, we have the perfect ingredients for taste, quality and most importantly, enjoyment. With decades of experience and a busy factory, we work tirelessly, 365 days a year, to deliver the very best confectionery using a combination of both traditional manufacturing methods and state of the art operations.


Our purpose-built factory meets all local food regulations and in addition certified by the British Standards Institution to internationally recognised food quality standards. We employ good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout and HACCP principles that align with global industry standards and best practice. We also hold all current vendors specified quality certifications. Toffeeland is committed to continually applying and improving our processes and standards in relation to quality, hygiene and food safety only to better our product.