Toffee Land | Customise
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Create customised apples for your event.

We can produce traditional and customised toffee apples to suit your needs – you name it – we’ll create it! View more examples of our customised Toffee Apples on our Instagram page.


TRADITIONAL: Our traditional is a Granny Smith with a wooden stick, hand dipped in red or green toffee, wrapped in a clear cellophane and sealed with a gold twisty. The base sticker is our standard labelling which includes nutrition panel and ingredients list.


CUSTOM: There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to our custom apple orders. We can personalise your apples to match any event and party theme.

  • Personalised base sticker
  • Sealed with ribbon
  • Stick covering to disguise the traditional wooden sticks
  • Sprinkles and edible glitter
  • Custom coloured toffee


For a no obligation quote, contact us today!